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Theatre puppets and marionettes for sale. Wooden puppet theater including a number of sets is ready for professional theater performances. Puppet Theaters and Home puppets theatre to buy. Kids marionettes theater for sale.

William Shakespeare once said “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. Become the real director or a performer in your own theater. Our skillful masters create magnificent puppet theatres for the joy of children and adults. The setting includes a number of box-shaped scenes with colorful entourages. Dive into the atmosphere of the middle ages and defeat a dragon to win the princesses heart or get hold of the cottage lifestyle playing a peasant; or rediscover your favorite fairy tale anew, by setting a completely unexpected new ending. From 11 to 55 inches in size, from 3 to 12 puppets sets, we have in stock a puppets theater medley to choose from. The sets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, completed with unique selection of characters. You may use the heroes that come with the entourage, or be more inventive and add on to your collection with more characters to put on gorgeous skits. The smallest theaters are as big as only 11 inches tall. Such small design mise en scenes are perfect if you need mobility and are easy to carry as they are stored it their own case.

Our largest puppet theatres are 55 inches tall and can fit a standing child or a sitting adult behind the scene for putting up a performance. Large sets normally include 8-11 dolls for the play. Such suites are perfect for a home setting and gather the interest of the viewers of all ages. The mise en scene is very flexible in terms of entourage, since it can be easily completed with your own decorations or more dolls and marionettes that our professionals can create specially for you, or be chosen from the ones that already are in our shop stock.

The performance sets are all completed of wood using natural paint and materials for a more fascinating experience. The sets may include dolls statuettes, marionettes or hand puppets with or without a wire. Home Puppet Theater would become a wonderful addition to your child’s toy set, or a great gift for someone who enjoys sophisticated and exquisite presents.


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Doorway Puppet Theater blue
Product code: TMB036
Size: 65 inches
Home puppets theater and 12 marionettes
Product code: TMK01
Size: 32 inches


Home puppets theater and 12 marionettes
Product code: TMK01
Size: 32 inches
Portable puppet theatre "Spring" and 10 marionettes
Product code: TLT10
Size: 16 inches
Home puppet theaters and 12 marionettes
Product code: TBU02
Size: 28 inches
Retro puppets theater
Product code: TGE05
Size: 20 inches
Doorway Puppet Theater Red
Product code: TMA07
Size: 65 inches
Home puppets theater and 6 marionettes
Product code: TMA02
Size: 14 inches
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