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Types of puppets

Types of puppets

The marionettes come in different sizes and shapes wearing unique handmade costumes. Our professional artists use only high quality material and cloth to create memorable souvenirs for you. The resemblance between the real heroes and their puppet duplicates is uncanny! This is just like having a mini version of your favorite characters at your own home. Single piece or a whole puppet theatre with entourage and scene will catch attention of the most sophisticated individuals and out a smile on the face of the most serious business partner.

marionettes - controlled by strings

finger puppets or body puppets - controlled by fingers

rod marionettes - controlled by a rod attached to their heads

hand puppets - manipulated by hands

rod puppets - activated from below with the aid of slender wands

shadow figures - glide behind a backlit screen

mouth and human arm puppets - the puppeteer's hand becomes that of the puppet.

bunraku-style puppets - manipulated in full view of the audience