Gallery Czech Puppets & Marionettes

Gallery Czech puppets and marionettes, puppet theaters, ventriloquist dolls and dolls in national costumes. Also we do an original PORTRAIT PUPPETS for you! Order an original memorable gift for your relatives or business partners. Our artists will make a doll for you, a puppet with your portrait or the image of a friend, celebrity, politician or pet. Each doll or puppet is unique!

Are you fond of unusual and ingenious home warming decorations? Or maybe you are looking for an original gift for someone special, but can’t think of anything crazy or creative enough? Well, don‘t get upset over it just yet. We have the greatest offer for you. Our magnificent string puppets are real pearls among multiple home decoration treasures. The dolls can become your next best friend fitting any home setting. From smallest to largest these little creatures complete any residence with an amusing touch, so any room becomes merrier and cozier.

The collection of string dolls that we carry represents a variety of colorful characters. Anything from classic literary heroes to fairy tale personalities; from vintage movie stars to your most favorite modern cartoon animation friends is available as puppets for sale at our store. Who doesn‘t love the story about Puss in Boots, or wouldn‘t mind watching a film about Charlie Chaplin, or spend some time in a company of Alex from Madagascar? These and so many more are available at our shop for purchasing.

The marionettes come in different sizes and shapes wearing unique handmade costumes. Our professional artists use only high quality material and cloth to create memorable souvenirs for you. The resemblance between the real heroes and their puppet duplicates is uncanny! This is just like having a mini version of your favorite characters at your own home. Single piece or a whole puppet theatre with entourage and scene will catch attention of the most sophisticated individuals and out a smile on the face of the most serious business partner.

In case you are looking for something one of a kind, our artists will gladly design customized marionettes toys with the image that you provide. Our masters are skilled to create anything from your own persona, or a friend, or can even satisfy most demanding clients need to perform most resembling copies of famous celebrities or pet characters.

Our wholesale Czech puppets will become the best present to you or the one you have ever gifted to someone. Our dolls are not simple dolls, but are the real wooden souls on strings that bring light and joy to anyone who is holding them. No matter which puppet will you choose, we guarantee that you will not only become a great piece for contemplation, but also great buddy to carry most unusual secrets. Start your own personal exquisite collection from ordering Czech puppet, marionette, Puppet Theater or a ventriloquist doll from our store today.


Ballerina, marionette puppet
Product code: HT028
Size: 14 inches
Pippi Longstocking , puppet marionette
Product code: PN018
Size: 18 inches
Puss in Boots, marionette puppet
Product code: HT039
Size: 14 inches
Michael Jackson , marionette puppet
Product code: RK048
Size: 11 inches
Wolf, marionette puppet
Product code: HT009
Size: 14 inches
Dragon , marionette puppet
Product code: RK034
Size: 22 inches

On sale

Clown , marionette puppet
Product code: MA012
Size: 8 inches
save 18%
Cook , marionette puppet
Product code: MA432
Size: 20 inches
save 9%
Jester Tom by King Lear , marionette
Product code: MA372
Size: 12 inches
save 20%
Pinocchio , marionette puppet
Product code: RU004
Size: 18 inches
save 8%
Pinocchio little boy marionette
Product code: RK067
Size: 10 inches
save 31%
Skeleton , puppet marionette
Product code: AM001
Size: 12 inches
save 20%