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Jester marionette , RK033

Jester marionette
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Product code RK033
Manufacturer Richi
Size 28 inches
Material wood, dental plastic, textile
Mobility collectible, theatre
professional marionettes
Our price: $358.00

Jester Donald puppet marionette for sale. The classical skeleton of the puppet and its legs and footwear are made of wood. The puppet's head and arms are made of special shockproof elastic material. The puppet’s clothes are made by hand of natural materials: flax, cotton or leather.The marionette can move its eyes to the right and to the left. It opens and closes its mouth and sticks out its tongue. The puppet’s footwear is made of natural leather. The marionette has a professional system of movement control, which allows you to use the puppet in an individual performance, concert or professional performance in a puppet theater. A beautiful and original gift, Czech souvenir made by hand!

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