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Hand puppets are controlled by moving your fingers. Clowns puppets, fairy puppets, mouse puppets and other can be used to play in home and theater performances. All hand and finger puppets of our toy shop are made of natural materials.

You are never alone unless you have your 2 hands and a magic friend from our store for your mood. The amazing thing about our offer is that you don’t need any special training to control your toy, or being a professional puppeteer is not a must either! So, look no further for a superb unique gift or a wonderful addition to your home entertainment, because we have amazing hand puppets for sale.

Order a joyful and colorful character from our shop now and get a fun pastime option for your whole family. Starting from 11 inches and going as big as 20 inches tall these endearing toys fit any hand of a puppeteer from a small child to an adult. You may order single piece to play with it, or get a complete set of characters by story line. Develop a merrier ending where the wolf stays alive in using our Little Red Riding Hood puppet set, or make the witch a positive character who helps the gnomes, prince and princess be happier with our Snow Maiden hand puppet set, or create a happily ever after for all the characters in the plot in the Three Little Bears or create your own fairy tale using one of our royal family collections. Take the puppets from the set or add up various characters, such as wolves, princes and princesses, grandmas and grandpas, moms and dads, robbers, lackeys, jesters, hunters, policemen, dragons, buffoons, watermen, vampires, fools and clowns, or even devils from our selection to develop more adventurous and fascinating story plots.

All of our items are high quality puppets that are specially designed by Czech masters to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients. All of the items are made out of natural textile, cotton, yarn and can fit any hand. Sift material and nice grip allow the doll to sit comfortably on your hand without slipping or falling, and feel so nice to your skin. We use only natural materials and colorings for creating 100% original unique puppets. All fantastic decorations and costumes are hand made with love and care in every single stich.


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Policeman , puppet marionette
Product code: VK074
Size: 20 inches


Guignol , puppet marionette
Product code: VK051
Size: 20 inches
Pinocchio , puppet marionette
Product code: MAM16
Size: 14 inches
Gretel , puppet marionette
Product code: MAM12
Size: 14 inches
Set puppets Little Red Riding Hood
Product code: MYB005
Size: 12 inches
Wolf , puppet marionette
Product code: VK073
Size: 20 inches
Grandma , hand puppet
Product code: MAM32
Size: 11 inches