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Don Quixote , puppet marionette , PN027

Don Quixote , puppet marionette
Product code PN027
Manufacturer Novotny
Size 18 inches
Material wood, plaster, textile
Mobility toy of 3 years, home, family,
special school, kindergartens
Our price: $49.00

Don Quixote  puppet marionette for sale. A decorative Czech puppet is controlled with the help of threads, wire and a special cruciform rocker (lever). The puppet’s body, legs and footwear are made of wood. The puppet’s head and arms are made of a special paste used for sculptures. To make the clothes, we use different types of textiles and natural materials: flax, cotton or leather. The doll is painted by hand using harmless waterproof paints .The marionette can be used as a developmental toy for children aged 6 and up or as an unusual Czech souvenir or an original gift.

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