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Devil on rooster , marionette puppet , VK046

Devil on rooster ,  marionette puppet
Devil_on_rooster-marionette-puppet-vk046a|marionettes-puppets.com|Gallery-Czech-Puppets-and-Marionettes Devil_on_rooster-marionette-puppet-vk046b|marionettes-puppets.com|Gallery-Czech-Puppets-and-Marionettes Devil_on_rooster-marionette-puppet-vk046|marionettes-puppets.com|Gallery-Czech-Puppets-and-Marionettes
Product code VK046
Manufacturer Krcal
Size 24 inches
Material wood
Mobility collectible, theatre
professional marionettes
Our price: $1340.00

Devil on rooster marionette puppet for sale. It is designer work handmade by a Czech artist! The puppet is carved of lime wood using a classical technique. The puppet’s body is treated with beeswax and transparent oils, which reveals the structure of the wood and preserves the doll for a long time. That has a professional control mechanism, which allows you to use in professional theater performances and puppets show. The puppet-marionette may be used as a museum exhibit or to replenish collections also. The order to carry out and sent to you during 3 weeks after payment.

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