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Pirate , puppet marionette

Pirate , puppet marionette
Product code PN057
Weight 2.40 lbs
Size 18 inches
Our price: $45.00
A decorative Czech puppet is controlled with the help of threads, wire and a special cruciform rocker (lever). The puppet’s body, legs and footwear are made of wood. The puppet’s head and arms are made of a special paste used for sculptures. To make the clothes, we use different types of textiles and natural materials: flax, cotton or leather. The doll is painted by hand using harmless waterproof paints .The marionette can be used as a developmental toy for children aged 6 and up or as an unusual Czech souvenir or an original gift.

Ahoy, mates! The pirate is only true to himself and the sea. But you don’t have to search over the seven seas to find a real pirate! Our store sells the best reproduction of Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean that can move its arms and legs. It is a wooden pirate puppet with sculpture paste head and arms, whose spirit roams in search for freedom and a perfect ship to conquer the oceans. Its’ textile costume is a replica of the actual movie hero using natural materials such as flax, cotton and leather and looks so much alike Johnny Depp. This 18 inches character can be starring separately in your performance, or fit any puppet theatre setting to be a part of the show. Even though the toy is designed to be used by a professional puppeteer, even children can learn how to handle it starting age 6. If you are searching for unique Czech production string dolls, our puppets are the best deal you may find for reasonable prices and short term of completion of your order designed specifically for you.

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