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Skeleton marionette, AM003

Skeleton marionette
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Product code AM003
Manufacturer Others
Size 14 inches
Material dental plastic
Mobility toy of 5 years, kindergartens
special school, souvenir or gift
Our price: $189.00

Skeleton puppet marionette for sale. A decorative Czech puppet marionette is controlled with the help of threads, wire and a special cruciform rocker (lever). Its head, arms and legs are molded of modified plaster for sculptures. The marionette can be used as an unusual Czech souvenir or an original gift. 

How many skeletons do you hide in your closet? Leave the space for one more, because this is a little guy you will not be able to say no to. This 14 inch blue eyed marvel is a controllable puppet marionette. He is the cutest skeleton you will ever see in your life. Currently on sale with a 20% discount, the skeleton puppet can become a perfect addition to your Halloween decoration collection or become a part of your festive performance if you enjoy putting up puppet skits on holidays. The doll is attached to a set of threads and wires that allow our little fellow to move freely with the help of the puppet master. Using a special lever, make your character move, dance, hop, and jump around or even play basketball if you want him to.

Its unique design is a credit of our amazing Czech puppet masters. The hero is made out of dental plastic which allows it to be very light in weight to do all sorts of tricks you want it to. Using special handmade technique, the character was painted with natural waterproof paints.

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