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The universal wooden puppet theater , TKY01

The universal  wooden puppet theater
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Product code TKY01
Manufacturer Kufrik
Size 21 inches
Material wood, textile, cardboard
Mobility toy of 3 years, home, family,
special school, kindergartens
Our price: $420.00

    The universal  wooden puppet theater built into a smart suitcase. The theater is easily folded and decomposed. A beautiful, velvet scrolling curtain is attached to the theatrical portal. The theater is very well done. The size of the theater is suitable for home, families or small groups of children in preschool, kindergarten.
    The theater is variable, it can be used for any fairy tale. For example "Little Red Riding Hood" or "Little Red Ridinghood", also known as "Little Red Cap" or simply "Red Riding Hood", is a European fairy tale about
a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf. "Hansel and Gretel", about childrens lost in the forest and tempting gingerbread house. An insulting little girl - how the little girl did not obey my mother and almost paid for it.

     It offers children with unlimited space for imagination and fun for the whole family. Dive with the children into the world of famous fairy tales. Beautiful, sophisticated, fabulous wooden puppets theater with czech marionettes individual wakes up on your children's imagination, improve memory and expressiveness.
   The theatre, puppets marionettes and requisites are made: Birch plywood, bookbinding cardboard, double-sided. It is a very solid, environmentally friendly material, resistant to wood and very pleasing to the child's hand.

Marionettes kits : King, Prince, Princess, Jester, Queen, White lady, Sorcerer, Wizard, headless Knight, Sleeping Beauty, Water man, Witch, Dragon, Gunman with a gun, Robber with a sack, Hansel, Gretel, Donkey, Hen, Laurel,  Hardy, Quick man, Wolf, grandmother, hunter, dad, cuddle, mom goat, goat, goat blue, goat pink and others.

Background of the theater scene: (5 double-sided rear screens) Castle - castle hall, low forest - beehive, village - lightning, forest, bedroom, forest with strawberries, the whirlwind.

Scenic accessories: glasses, bonnet, jug blue, mug pink, shovel, 3 gingerbread, basket, Granny cottage, Gingerbread house, Birch and others.

The theater measures is 21"x14"x24" ( 50x36x58 cm.) .

Size of cardboard marionettes is 6" (17-19cm.).

The Kids wooden puppet theatre and Czech puppets marionettes for sale. The theater one can be used for playing children's puppet show ideas or as a educational toy for a child, also one may for puppet show for preschoolers or as home puppets theatre show for a child.

VIDEO : Universal wooden puppets theater

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