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Set hand puppets King family , MYB004

Set hand puppets King family
Product code MYB004
Manufacturer Mybrno
Size 12 inches
Material wood, textile
Mobility toy of 3 years, home, family,
special school, kindergartens
Our price: $88.00

Set hand puppets King family for sale. Complete set 4 puppet by " King family , King , Jester, Prince, Princess " . A finger puppets is a doll for your hand. Glove puppet doll for a children's hand or a hand of the adult person. You put it on your hand and control it by moving your fingers. The puppet’s head is made of wood, and its body is made of different kinds of textile. It is used as educational toys, home finger puppet show  in family or as puppet theatre show for a child in preschoolers.


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