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Penguin , puppet doll

Penguin ,  puppet doll
Penguin ,  puppet doll  Penguin ,  puppet doll
Product code MP112
Weight 1.80 lbs
Size 22 inches
Our price: $695.00
The puppet is made of modified foam rubber and covered with woolen cloth. The doll has a movable mouth and convenient control of mouth movements. The soft doll is a professionally developed lightweight puppet. It can easily be used for performances by professional puppeteers, amateurs and children. The puppet will be made to order and sent to you 2 weeks after payment

As they said: “Smile and wave”! We have a wonderful offer for your fun and entertainment: a 22 inch penguin puppet that has a movable mouth. This ventriloquist doll reminds of the famous character penguin of Madagascar and will definitely be an amazing key character of your event if you are planning on performing in a puppet theater show for your guests. You don’t need to have a special training to control the puppet or have special knowledge: a special grip helps to move the puppet’s mouth and the light weight of a foam doll with woolen cloth makes it easy to control it even for a child. Pay for your penguin doll now and we will ship it to you in 2 weeks so that you may receive your new friend at your home soon.

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