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Parrot , puppet doll

Parrot ,  puppet doll
Parrot ,  puppet doll  Parrot ,  puppet doll
Product code MP111
Weight 1.80 lbs
Size 21 inches
Our price: $695.00
The puppet is made of modified foam rubber and covered with woolen cloth. The doll has a movable mouth and convenient control of mouth movements. The soft doll is a professionally developed lightweight puppet. It can easily be used for performances by professional puppeteers, amateurs and children. The puppet will be made to order and sent to you 2 weeks after payment

Birds of feather flock together. Our bright and colorful parrot flocks perfectly with other puppets in the selection of our store to form an amazing performance for your audience. This 21 inch parrot puppet is made of wool, filled with special foam rubber for lighter weight. Yellow beck, bright red body and blue wings make it resemble a lot a famous Walt Disney character Yago from Aladdin. This also allows us to control the doll with ease: make it walk, talk, dance, etc. With such a starring personality, this character will become the cherry on a pie of your puppet theatre performance. Order a parrot from our shop and we will create your doll and ship it to you only 2 weeks after the payment.

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