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Little Red Riding Hood marionette , MA405

Little Red Riding Hood marionette
 Little_Red_Riding_Hood-marionette-puppet-ma405|marionettes-puppets.com|Gallery-Czech-Puppets-and-Marionettes  Little_Red_Riding_Hood-marionette-puppet-ma405|marionettes-puppets.com|Gallery-Czech-Puppets-and-Marionettes
Product code MA405
Manufacturer Masek
Size 20 inches
Material wood, textile
Mobility collectible, theatre
professional marionettes
Our price: $640.00

Little Red Riding Hood is original wooden puppet marionette for sale. The puppet is hand carved from wood. The puppet’s clothes are made by hand of natural materials: flax, cotton or leather. The marionette is painted by hand using harmless waterproof paints for children’s toys. The doll can be used for puppet show or as educational toy for children aged 3. As well as unusual Czech souvenir or an original gift.

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