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Home puppets theater and 12 marionettes , TLT01

Home puppets theater and 12 marionettes
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Product code TLT01
Manufacturer Lovely
Size 23 inches
Material wood, textile, cardboard
Mobility toy of 3 years, home,
special school, kindergartens
Our price: $280.00

   Our home puppet theater with puppets is the right toy to spend wonderful moments in playing puppet games, puppet theatre show. Most player in the puppet theatre show are children, but if the children start puppet show plays themselves, the game gets a new life because they live with the puppets. This promotes their imagination and creativity, expressive skills, but also the development of their fine motoring. The theater set includes a puppets theater with four interchangeable scenes and twelve marionettes.

    The puppets for kids are hand-painted and their entire production is based solely on manual work. The puppets theatre includes 12 puppets and a number of sets. The theater is complete and ready for performance. If you wish, you may complete the theater with other czech puppets or sets from the range offered by our shop.

Czech marionettes: King, Princess, Prince, Devil, Witch, Joker, peasant Honza, peasant woman, Hansel, Gretel, Water man, Hunter.

Scenes, kids puppet stage: fairytale forest, picturesque village, room, Knight's Hall.

The theater measures 23"x15"x20".

Size of marionette is 5"-7" .

An original puppet theater for kids, handmade by a Czech artist. The theatre is used for playing in
a home theater, puppet show for children or as a educational toy for a child.

Bat foam puppet

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