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Hammerhead shark foam puppet , MP201

Hammerhead shark foam puppet
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Product code MP201
Manufacturer Pavlov
Size 37 inches
Material foam, covered with fleece
Mobility professional foam ventriloquist puppets
Our price: $795.00

Hammerhead shark foam ventriloquist puppet for sale, is made of modified foam rubber and covered with fleece fabric. The ventriloquist Dummy doll has a movable mouth and convenient grip control of mouth movements. The head turns 360 degrees. The soft  Dummies doll is a professionally muppet puppets for ventriloquists. Clothes are removable and may vary. It can easily be used for talking puppet show, performances by professional puppeteers, amateurs and children as well. A beautiful and original gift, a designer’s work made by hand! The ventriloquist figure dummy puppet doll will be made to order and sent to you 3 weeks after payment.


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