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Fairy marionette, SV003

Fairy marionette
Fairy , puppet marionette   Fairy , puppet marionette
Product code SV003
Manufacturer Svoboda
Size 14 inches
Material wood, plaster, cotton
Mobility toy of 5 years, home, family
special school, kindergartens
Our price: $88.00

A decorative Czech puppet Fairy, marionette is controlled with the help of threads, wire and a special cruciform rocker (lever). Its head, arms and legs are molded of modified plaster for sculptures, the body is made of lime wood. To make the clothes, we use different types of textiles and natural materials: flax, cotton or leather. The doll is painted by hand using harmless waterproof paints .The marionette can be used as an unusual Czech souvenir or an original gift.

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