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Doorway Puppet Theater Red, TMA07

Doorway Puppet Theater Red
Product code TMA07
Manufacturer Masek
Size 65 inches
Material textile
Mobility toy of 5 years, home,
special school, kindergartens
Our price: $79.00

Doorway Puppet Theater Red to buy online. Quality cloth puppet theater curtain for hand puppet of all common sizes. The theater also includes a screenplay, scenario of the story "How Honza Overpowered the Dragon" in both English (acting: Jester, Princ, Princess, Honza and Dragon). Playing puppet theater allows children to talk and talk to puppets, supporting fantasy, vocabulary development, and the ability to learn and concentrate.

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The theater measures 65"x28" (160x70 cm. ).

Size of hand puppets is 10"-20" (26 -50 cm. ).

The theatre is used for playing in a home theater or as puppet show for preschool toys, developmental toy for a child.

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