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Crocodile , puppet doll

Crocodile ,  puppet doll
Crocodile ,  puppet doll    Crocodile ,  puppet doll
Product code MP052
Weight 1.80 lbs
Size 38 inches
Our price: $645.00
The crocodile puppet is made of modified foam rubber and covered with woolen cloth. The doll has a movable mouth and convenient control of mouth movements. The soft doll is a professionally developed lightweight puppet. It can easily be used for performances by professional puppeteers, amateurs and children. The puppet will be made to order and sent to you 2 weeks after payment

Have you ever watched Discovery channel or the program Croc files that depicts the crocodiles living in the wild? Or maybe you are familiar with this green reptile with extremely sharp teeth from a zoo. Nevertheless, our crocodile puppet is nothing like that image of a coldblooded monster you have in your head. The puppet doll is 38 inches large and can be controlled using a comfortable grip to make the character move. This is the nicest and cutest crocodile you would ever see. His soft features and happy muzzle depict him as a positive character rather than a terrifying carnivore. Its’ soft woolen material and a nice smile make it the greatest puppet character add on to your puppet selection.

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