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Gallery puppets and marionettes, dolls in national costumes, puppet theaters. The Czech Puppets workshop will make an original PORTRAIT PUPPETS for you! Order an original memorable gift for your relatives or business partners. Our artists will make a doll for you, a puppet with your portrait or the image of a friend, celebrity, politician or pet. Each doll or puppet is unique!


Ballerina, marionette puppet
SKU: HT028
Size: 14 inches
Puss in Boots, marionette puppet
SKU: HT039
Size: 14 inches
Pippi Longstocking , puppet marionette
SKU: PN018
Size: 18 inches
Michael Jackson , marionette puppet
SKU: RK048
Size: 11 inches
Wolf, marionette puppet
SKU: HT009
Size: 14 inches
Dragon , marionette puppet
SKU: RK034
Size: 22 inches